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Dang. It is NEXT WEEK! If I can find J&J then I'll be fully protected sooner. Decisions, decisions....
That was my thought. TWIV says the best protection with J&J is after 4 weeks, not 2. That the 100% effectiveness against severe disease, hospitalization, and death were at the 4 week mark. So in the end, even though DH is got his a week sooner than me, we should reach full protection at the exact same time.

I signed up through here for our J&J vaccines. Keep checking as they list different brands at different locations all the time. My mom got her J&J at the Northridge location, but I'm getting mine in El Monte, although I'll keep looking for a closer location on the same day. https://www.cffhae.org/patient-guide...ine-locations/

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