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    Quote Originally Posted by gatorsmom View Post
    You guys are great! I just watched the Wilton channel and checked out the Wilton lesson plans you ladies linked to and now I have a plan! I’ll definitely buy the girls their own small kits and do that soon so my daughter and I practice before we show others. I didn’t even consider that they could practice with the butter cream frosting on cardboard before doing their cupcakes or cakes (you have a point that cupcakes might be too hard) or maybe cookies like georgiegirl’s daughter’s creation. Practicing on cardboard will make this much easier as they can wipe away their mistakes. I definitely love the idea of working with fondant too. I’ll teach them the basics and let them do the more elaborate stuff on their own.

    This is so helpful. Thank you again for these great ideas!

    I took a Wilton class at one of the craft stores when DS was a baby. We practiced on non-edible things a little first (paper plates would probably work great for that), and during one class we decorated cookies. Large, round, flat sugar cookies give a good surface to decorate. Or small cakes. When DS took a kids baking class, their last project of the week was baking and decorating a 4 inch cake. It won't take much playing around before you have some good ideas for them
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    I would pre color the frosting personally. These girls are old enough to understand the basics of that. I would save the time (plus less mess) for learning how to pipe the different shapes. And maybe some roses if time allows.

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    DD does cake decorating. She likes to try out her techniques/pressure on something disposable first to see if what is in her head translates through her hands.
    Totally agree with the practice on something like paper plates first. Let them work out a few techniques to come up with the design they want.

    Work on the right way to hold the bag so the icing doesn't all come out
    of the top.
    Disposable bags with couplers, let the try out a few different tips. Play with getting a good star, try an edge with all the tips, play with angles.
    Agree with larger, flatter surface like a cookie or small cake.

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