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    Default Mouth guard with Herbst appliance?

    DS got a herbst installed a few months ago. They gave him two different mouth guards at his last appointment to use for soccer. Neither fit and neither will stay in his mouth. Heís a goalie and is constantly talking during the game and they fall out the minute he opens his mouth. We went back this morning so they could try to adjust the mouth guards and they canít get them to work either. I couldnít go in because of covid, but DS said they told him to just try some out to see if he can find one that stays in. I tried cutting one like I saw on some orthoís website and it didnít work. Does anyone have any suggestions? I really donít need him taking a ball or foot to the face without a mouth guard in.

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    DD1 has a similar issue because of a palate expander. She just finished a season of basketball. We ended up not having her wear a mouthguard. She couldn't talk and keep it in and breathe with a mask on. So we rolled the dice on not taking an elbow to the mouth.
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    Maybe ask them if they think they can get these to work. Very popular in hockey but I donít have first hand experience with appliances as my kids just have Invisalign.

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    We went through the same thing. My husband ended up cutting one a few times and it finally worked. It mainly protected his front teeth but it was better than nothing. It was a few years ago but I'm fairly certain we bought a Shock Doctor Gel Max one. Good luck!

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