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    Default Travel Brainstorming for Summer (Safe-ish)

    DH and I want to plan something for the summer. I'm starting to get twitchy thinking about another long, hot summer without trips, sleepovers and camps to occupy our time. In normal years, we can usually look forward to a fun international trip or two. We are thinking about planning a road trip of some sort - care to help me figure out where? We are in NC and don't want more than 12-14 days away. We are Covid conscious, but have traveled around the southeast for sports multiple times a month so we have figured out how to make it work, even in hotels.

    Relevant info:
    My kids are active and low-key trips aren't their thing
    They like adventure, theme parks, and even new cities visiting the sites, but we go, go, go most days.
    We've done lots of hiking in the mountains (NC and Tennessee) over the last year and are going up for a weekend in May so that's probably out.
    Beach is great for a day or two.
    We are more comfortable going north (masks ) but haven't ruled out going south (is enough open in the Northeast?)
    With 2 weeks, we want several destinations
    No flying

    Anything fun come to mind? I usually love planning trips but I'm having trouble getting started this year.
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    What about a mix of city and nature? Like head to NYC (or Philly or DC or all) via Charlottesville and Shenandoah National Park? Hit Luray Caverns. Maybe route so you go to Hershey? Currently things are still closed in DC attraction wise but NYC and Philly are mostly open. Assume you will need reservations/ timed tickets wherever you want to go.
    Or Ohio (Cedar Point is a must if you like roller coasters!), Cleveland or Columbus and on to Michigan (Traverse City is one of our favorite spots). You might be able to detour to the New River Gorge National Park in WV.

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