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    Default A "Lacking reasoning skills today" button

    I think people should be forced to wear a pin on their clothing that says, "my common sense is broken today. Check with me again tomorrow." At least if they wore a button, I'd know even before speaking to them, that THEY were aware that they wouldn't be making any sense and they couldn't be reasoned with. I wouldn't waste my breath or my raise my stress level. I'd just try again a different day. I'd even personally be willing to wear one on my bad days.

    Seriously, I do not understand how some people come to the decisions they do. Full grown adults with a previously- demonstrated ability to think and reason can be given clear facts from reliable sources and make nonsensical judgment calls that adversely affect others. It makes my head spin.
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    Oh yes please!

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    That would be a good one--though I wonder if people lacking the skills would have the ability to remember to wear the button...Maybe some kind of external "mood ring" equivalent would be helpful?

    Which is the kind of signage I would really appreciate personally! Ever run into that personality type that is sometimes extremely warm and sometimes rather cold and it isn't personal...they're just moody? I have a sister like this, my old LL was like this and I've worked with a few people like this. I'm not at all like this and it is so disconcerting to be met with ever variable levels of enthusiasm, lol. I always think it is "me". I'd be nice if a button would just announce it!

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    Haha, I feel like this may help eliminate squabbles with DH. He's such a logical thinker and sometimes I just don't have the where with all to think that hard. He'd know to wait another day or two before bringing up his issue.
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