Oh my goodness, thatís a lot. It looks like you posted a week ago. I hope things are somewhat improved like the new leadership has taken a look at their turnover numbers and had a reality check. Or maybe they started to listen to (or even conduct) exit interviews. Or maybe their spouse got moved to Timbuktu.

Ignore me if you want (this is your bitching post) but if your Dh and Dd are concerned about you, tell them they CAN help. They can fill up a chip-n-dip tray with washed and chopped veggies to keep in the fridge for you to snack on. They can be in charge of washing their own sheets and laundry and making a meal or 2 each week. Spaghetti and frozen lasagnas are totally acceptable. Also, Iíd buy a big stack of paper plates to use right now until the stress level goes down a bit.

I really hope you this week has been a better one for you. You are doing an amazing job. I donít know how you keep all those spinning plates in the air.