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Thread: Little League

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    Quote Originally Posted by doberbrat View Post
    I dont like how Super competitive it is. People trying to register for spots for tryouts that are gone in 5 min .... 6+mo before the season starts.
    Thank you for answering! I work is sports and genuinely want to understand why some people choose not to participate. Having to register for limited tryout spots is a very understandable reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gracemom View Post
    We are lucky that we have lots of options here for less competitive teams. But my son's abilities lie in between recreational and select teams. Rec is too easy and select is too intense for him. He loves basketball but hates pressure. What are we doing to these kids? The coaches and other parents act like the kids are playing college sports and they aren't even in high school yet. No wonder most kids stop sports around age 13.
    My son's team is considered travel, but we consider it travel, "lite." In other words, we don't do tournaments every weekend and have to stay at hotels and drive hours away all of the time. I have some friends who do this and it consumes their life.

    Our travel team is what I'd consider local regional, we normally do about 2 out of town tournaments, but the rest are within the local region within the league that several have formed. We don't focus on only winning, meaning if that was the case, certain kids would always be benched. Each travel team has its own flavor and imo a lot of them are toxic with aggressive dad coaches and we want nothing to do with that. I always feel bad for those kids on teams like that, you can tell that they are crushed because they get screamed at so much.

    Every year teams break up because families don't like the coach, or think their kid should have gotten more play time. It's frankly an annual drama. Ask around to find a team that is more low key. We are losing several players to more high pressure teams, we are sad to see them go, but will be holding try outs to recruit more kids from our rec teams. I know that other travel teams look at ours and probably think we're a joke... but we have a good, positive vibe. The families who whine are the ones who want to leave, which is fine, we see it as having to deal with less high maintenance entitled people. Like it's been said, this is not pro sports, we see it as a chance for our kids to be exposed to some better teams and each year we see our own kids improve. They have fun and right now the 3 coaches get along great... I feel like that is unusual, there is often so much underlying tension and also favoritism, when our coach left last year, ALL of that came out, everyone was unhappy and was glad he left. We rarely bench anyone unless they have a rotten attitude. That is unusual. Most travel teams happily bench kids with the sole goal of winning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ray7694 View Post
    Itís such crap that kids canít make a team if they donít play year round and travel.

    My dh I has umpired baseball for years and is so sick of the parents and coaches who act crazy.

    I have witnessed so many kids that get to high school and quit due to burnout. So sad what tournaments and money are doing to our kids.
    We have a friend whose son played "select" from like K (which I didn't even realize was a thing but guess here it is..) and told his parent he wanted to quit by third grade because he was burnt out from it. Yeesh.

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    DS had his first practice last night. He loved it! He said he didn't know anyone there, but has this amazing ability to just kind of fit in and get along. He said everyone was "really nice". He is still super hopeful that another kid drops out...I'm not sure about that but the coach seems nice and I hope that he will see his effort in practice and DS will get to play a few games at least.
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    Bless your sweet kiddo!!!!! I hope he has fun and gets to play some!
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