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    Default Easy meal with frozen meat?

    I forgot to take anything out of the freezer last night. I have frozen chicken breasts, frozen chicken thighs, ground beef and ground turkey. Any suggestions for relatively easy meals using one of those? I have an air fryer and an instant pot. I'm burned out on cooking but we picked up a pizza last night and have expensive dinner plans on the weekend so if like to cook. I'd planned to make chicken enchilada casserole in the instant pot (using frozen chicken breasts) but we're out of tortillas and I don't want to run to the store before cooking dinner tonight. I would make something easy using pantry staples like minestrone but my kids are big eaters now and that's not going to suffice. Looking for inspiration!

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    I would put the ground beef or turkey in a bowl of water to thaw and make tacos or meatballs for jarred sauce.
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    Do you have any teriyaki or bbq sauce? If so, I'd probably throw the frozen chicken in with the sauce and then serve as sandwiches or rice bowls. If you have salad greens you could make salads.

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    Do you have rice? Chicken with enchilada sauce doesn't have to be served with tortillas. You can serve it over rice or even pasta.
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    Id throw the chicken breast in the IP with salsa for 10min. Then shred and serve as burrito/taco bowl with the other ingredients you have on hand for the enchiladas.

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