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    Quote Originally Posted by SASM View Post
    Ours has gone through the dishwasher at least 5 times without issue. I am sure DD2 has put it in the microwave. My bowl is already slightly misshapen (by design) and hasn’t changed shape.

    Corrie, have you tried Corelle? I thought that was supposed to be non-breakable.

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    Corelle is not unbreakable, just break resistant. When it does break, it shatters into a thousand tiny shards. We stopped using it for that reason.

    I think I read years ago that melamine was safer to the user than other plastics (the concerns about melamine were the risks to workers and environment from the manufacturing process).

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    Amazon has plates made from wheat straw. I just ordered some but haven't received them yet.

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    We have tempered glass buffet style salad plates that we use for everything. I have a stack of 3 dozen that we use for every single snack anyone has around here. Granola bar? Use a plate. Cupcake? Use a plate. I broke one doing something stupid with it, but otherwise they are very resilient, no chips or anything.

    I also just found these darling melamine/bamboo plates at Target. We use melamine outside and I always put it in the dishwasher, never in the microwave though. I don't have these ones from Target - but now I really want them!

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    Default Safest plastic or other “unbreakable” dishes?

    I absolutely love Corelle. I originally bought a few pieces (2-3 of cereal bowls, appetizer plates and salad plates) in 2009 when DD1 was 3 as I thought it was safer for her to use than the heavy Heath stoneware us adults were using but she was outgrowing the divided baby plates. I started buying a few pieces over the years like the the 28 oz. bowls (are great for Trader Joe’s frozen oatmeal, which can bubble up and spill in the microwave) and then last year I bought enough to have close to a whole set of Corelle for 8-12 (dinner plates, salad plates, appetizer plates, and I think we have about 8 bowls, and the two large bowls….I need more bowls because they are always the most used now with us all being home) because we bought a Miele dishwasher and it just fits better than the heavy stoneware and the kids now have no issues picking it up and putting it away. I love being able to put up to six plates or so at once away and they aren’t heavy. I wish I would’ve bought it sooner (but it wasn’t cool and hip in 2003 when we got married….he he!). So with all of that said in the 12 years of using Corelle on a daily basis we have had maybe one plate and one bowl break. I honestly don’t remember how the plate broke but the bowl was already in the sink and and someone placed something heavy like a glass in it at the right pressure point and it exploded. Yes it is loud when it shatters but it so much easier to pick up (it reminds of the consistency of small sea glass chips)

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