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We left the day you got there, and the masks for vaccinated dropped halfway through our trip. It was freaky, as we had a partially vaxed kid.

Iím surprised your waits were not long. Flight of Passage sat at 90+ most of the day, but our kids broke the rules and ran to it when the gates opened at 7:15.

Thank you for letting us know how universal was . Iím not ready.

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FOP, we made sure to head straight for, and waited maybe 45 minutes. Seven Dwarves was our first ride on our full day at MK, so less than half an hour wait. We've been there when we needed to wait over an hour for Space, so 30-40 for it seemed short. All in how you think of it. 🤣 We never got on Test Track because it was down almost our entire day (we waited in line 45 minutes only to have it closed for weather.) So, my version of short waits definitely isnt 10 minute lines, but I dont think we were in line for over an hour for anything. Mainly due to the way we plotted our day, though.