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    Default DisneyLAND for out-of-staters? (covid restrictions)

    We are planning to go to DisneyLAND over Thanksgiving break this year - traveling from TX. We have gone at least 4 times already in the past (usually in same time frame) so we are extremely familiar with it (and would have gone last year if not for Covid)

    Though now my question is all these restrictions that will be in place due to the pandemic and how things are going to work. Especially for those coming out of state who need to book plane tickets and things in advance. We normally book 2 character dining experiences (Goofy's Kitchen and one other) but now it looks like reservations are still closed- I heard all indoor dining is closed? That is going to make things exteremely tough. I wonder how things are going to look like in November...

    I am also wondering - now you have to book park tickets in advance too apparently - is there a max number for out-of-state folks? I woudl asusme California and annual passholders get priority ..

    would love any advice from those who have been to Disneyland recently. We have hotel booked but have yet to book plane tickets, and are now wondering if we should still go, given all the unknowns with the restrictions. I'm good with going with our family entirely masked & vaccinated but if all indoor dining is closed and there is no Fastpass i really wonder how it's going to work and if it's worth going....

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    Things keep changing all the time. I don't think at this point that in state or out of state have any differences in terms of reservations.
    Some indoor dining is back. I know that Blue Bayou opened and some spots in CA Adventure too. I think by November there will be more dining options. I'm not sure about Fastpass though. We didn't wait long to go on any rides, but we were there when it was still at 35% capacity at the end of May.

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