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    Default Non-meniscus knee injury treatment options?

    Hive minds. I had an MRI yesterday and the findings are below. Treatments options are first and foremost PT. Other therapies to try are: Cortisone injections (covered by insurance), Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP - not covered), Arthroscopic surgery (covered).

    The Dr. said this particular kind of injury may nor may not be helped by any of the above. Can't regrow the cartilage and no one knows if smoothing it out will help, in my particular case.

    Anyone have an injury like this and know of a treatment that might help? Been doing PT for 5 weeks and so far it hasn't made a difference.

    Medial Compartment: No meniscal tear. Mild cartilage thinning with fissuring/flap formation of the lateral aspect of the medial femoral condyle trace underlying edema.

    Patellofemoral Compartment: Surface irregularity over the patella, and fissuring over the central femoral trochlea where there is marrow edema and subchondral cystic change.

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    IDK if they gave you an actual diagnosis - I had some 'surface irregularity' of the patella which they cleaned up surgically. I was told at the time it was likely a stopgap measure that I'd need more work done 10-15 yrs later I'm around yr 20 and having quite a bit of trouble but with both knees.

    Cortisone shots for me have been magic till this latest injury - which we're still trying to determine exactly wtf I did. Nerve damage at the least.

    I would try the cortisone shot b/c there isnt too much downside. You'll know in a week if it works. I've gotten almost 11w of significant relief - I'm sure if I hadnt injured the other knee, my left one wouldnt be in as rough shape so soon. Then move on to the surgery.
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