I got the stainless 24oz for myself and stainless 32oz for 12 year old DS2. Unfortunately, DS2's only survived 3 days with him before breaking! At first the top part that flips open popped off (the springs came out of the little holes they fit in). I was able to get the springs back in place with a pair of tweezers, but the springs no longer sat perfectly flat and the pop open mechanism was a little finicky (not popping open all the way). Then the next day DS was walking into the house carrying the bottle by its handle and the handle ripped out of the holes. The rubber that the holes are in is kinda soft and now the holes are distorted and the handle can't be put back snugly as it will just rip right out again. Pretty disappointing as we've never had issues with our stainless Contigo bottles. My 24oz bottle seems fine so maybe it's just not hardy enough for tween/teen boys!

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