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    Default clean makeup for kids

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a clean makeup for kids (mostly for playing with)? Are there any kits like this or good brands? Its for our 9 year old who wants to experiment. Thanks in advance.

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    Do you have a Whole Foods nearby? Just go there and grab stuff (or order online for delivery or pick up).

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    I would do a Google search of cruelty free makeup brands. Whole Foods makeup is expensive imho and for a kid who is just experimenting with makeup play I would just find the cheapest cruelty free makeup you can fine.

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    Not sure about the cleanness of it… but based on a thread I posted a few weeks back, DD (7) and I have been playing with colourpop shadows. They come in fun packaging but are real decent quality shadows unlike some of the “kid makeup” ppl have bought her from Amazon. And the price point is decent, closer to drugstore than Sephora prices.

    So yes, my kid is the one going to camp wearing a ton of purple glitter eyeshadow, but I’m not too worried . I do have to remind DH to save his battles for the tattoos and piercings, let the makeup and hair stuff go.
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    I think the least expensive line you'll find is e.l.f. - most eyeshadow palettes are under $20, lipsticks and blushes are under $10, and they're easy to find in most places. I have very sensitive skin and have used it with no problems or irritation.
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