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    Default How to straighten out these seats?


    I have never attached hed an image so hopefully this works. My brother has his 6yo twins in these and wants to figure out how to get the seats to stay upright. Is is safe to use a folded towel or pool noodle under the seat inner corner to "jack" them up?
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    Going out on a limb here, but how does he have the tethers routed? If he's going around the headrests, he should go through the headrests. The only time I had to deal with a slanted seat was when I had an issue with the tether in a long-term rental car. I went to the car seat inspection station, and they adjusted the tether. It was a LONG time ago so I don't remember exactly what they did. He should probably go get them inspected to make sure everything is right.

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    Default How to straighten out these seats?

    If they are installed with the seatbelts, which I am assuming they are for 6 year olds as they have likely passed the weight limit for lower anchors, this is very common. The way the shoulder belt pushes against the edge of the belt path can cause the seat to tilt slightly away from the side the shoulder belt is on.

    If the seats are tight (no more than 1 inch of movement at the belt path) a slight tilt is not a safety issue. Making sure to tighten at the lap belt part first before retracting the shoulder belt can help sometimes. Moving it slightly to one side or the other may help. Pressing down on the side that tilts up a little while tightening the seatbelt may help. Pool noodles can only be used to adjust recline angle, not for side to side adjustments.

    Also, the extra strap pads that didnít come with the seat are not recommended. They are potentially unsafe (we donít know for sure since the seat hasnít been tested with them on, but there are a couple of problems they could cause).

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