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    Default Favorite fall wardrobe staples….

    Pre Covid I got Stitch Fix boxes on a pretty regular basis and then I stopped last summer because I was not going into the office. A year later I am still not going into the office but my wardrobe needs a refresh. I love Stitch Fix’s independent shopping option, but now all of the items available to me seems to be the same type of item (short sleeve blouses, wrap dresses, work pants, simple ankle length jeans, drapey cardigans, etc….) and while I don’t hate the styles it is absolutely nothing new. I am debating about doing another fix box or just shopping elsewhere; but I am not sure I have the patience as I am a solid 14 (don’t need plus sizes though as they are always too boxy) and many stores here don’t stock sizes over a size 12 unless you are a true plus size (the bad thing about living in health conscious SoCal where the average size seems to cater to size 8 and lower). I would honestly much rather try on 20 items in a store than have to sort through them at home and return them. The nearest Nordstrom is also now 35 miles away as well.

    I am still not working in the office but I feel like my wardrobe needs a bit of a refresh. I need new items for church, dinner/brunch, and just general SAHM fashions that I never really needed before because I worked in an office; but I would still prefer not to wear joggers or sweatpants and oversized sweatshirts to school or volunteer functions. Athleisure is my work wear now.

    FWIW for the first time in probably 20 years I didn’t buy a single item from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I just wasn’t inspired by anything.

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    The bloggers i follow are all wearing the same styles as the last couple Falls. The only exception is that the east coast bloggers seem to gravitate toward varying styles of jeans (non-skinny) than the others I've seen. But the real people I've seen are all still wearing skinny jeans. So you may be feeling malaise about your wardrobe but you probably are not "out of style".
    Also, I've read a ton of articles about the shortage of retail items in US stores. Retailers usually keep in store about 2-3 months with of stock, but due to the world trade crisis, they are lucky to even have 1 month of stock on hand. So there just aren't new clothes to be buying right now (or at least until the end of this year). Plus major retailers shifted away from any clothes that aren't leisure-wear. Even Ann Taylor is only carrying clothes that are far more casual than their norm.
    I've satisfied my itch for something new by buying just 1-2 very inexpensive new basics but in fresh colors/patterns from places like Target and old navy.

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    no recs but I hear you on the NAS things feeling a bit same old same old. Jean styles have def exploded but many of them require footwear I don't have to pull off. Have you tried any jumpsuits? That was my solution last year to the 'I need a warddrobe work refresh but I'm still working from home'. I personally ended up loving the ones I bought, but they aren't for everyone. They may be a bit long in the tooth style trendwise but I think still an option. If I needed things for the outings you're describing I'd personally add one or two dresses. Macy's seemed to have a lot in stock yesterday (got roped from a sales link )
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    Hopefully you've been able to find some cute staples. I'm somewhat in the same boat since I don't need as many nice outfits now but when outings come up, I realize my wardrobe needs a reset. I've picked up some cute jeans from Nordstrom and a few cute dresses and tops from Loft, all were amazing prices. Years ago, a coworker with a baby under 1 and a demanding job mentioned that when she feels tired, frumpy or unhappy with her clothes, she throws on a fun necklace. I've never forgotten that advice and used it last night when I needed to look presentable to meet up with a group. Since the pandemic started, I've gotten out of the habit of accessorizing but it makes a huge difference. So my message to you is to try throwing on different jewelry with a simple top and pants until you fill in your wardrobe.
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