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Thread: Big shirt

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    My 7th grader wears that size!!!! What were they thinking?

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    Default Big shirt

    We always had that problem with soccer uniforms. I cut off the bottom and hemmed the jersey for several years. The shorts had a drawstring and were pulled all the way in and looked like skirts. The socks were huge with the heel way up his shin. I cut the feet off the sock and had DS wear a soccer sock that fit and then put the uniform sock on over his shin guards. Everyone seems to have this problem with soccer uniforms

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    Years ago I ended up having a DS's huge soccer jersey tailored to his actual size because it was just too much fabric but they use the same jerseys for at least a full year. Now we are dealing with all the crazy backorders and both of my boys are waiting on jerseys we ordered back in July. I gave up scrambling to find loaners and go through lots of tape. Soccer uniforms seem to be a pain no matter what!

    You could try a hairband on the bottom or maybe hem the bottom to get rid of some excess.
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    Thatís ridiculous. That size is still a little too big for my 5-foot-tall 86-pound sixth-grader.

    Honestly, I would just take it to a seamstress or maybe even a dry cleaner who does alterations. It might cost you 20 bucks but it will be done.

    I would also talk to the organization. The person ordering the shirts very well could be some 25-year-old guy who has no idea what heís doing. If shirts have to be ordered every season, thereís no reason they canít be ordered in a variety of sizes. Our Y seems to be able to do this without a lot of drama. I mean, what are they ordering for kids who are older than your daughter? Adult size?

    I can understand school issued uniforms being a little wonky because those have to be used over a few years.
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