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DH got one a couple of years ago. (Oh wait are we talking about DSs?? )

He was kind of obsessed with it for a while, and got the girls into it too. Everyone made it through all the levels of a star wars game, and many levels of Super Hot. Then the obsession kinda faded away.

I played a few things on it and it's so weird. In one of them you have to get into a kayak in the arctic and there are whales swimming around you and I could NOT do it LOL! It was so strange - I knew it wasn't real but my brain was like - that kayaks going to tip if you get in!
My DH has one too. He's had it for several years and has a racing setup to do the virtual Nascar stuff. I think he uses it most days (about the time I'm going upstairs to read and fall asleep). DS is only 7 but likes to play with it every once in a while too. I think he'll use it more as he gets older.