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    Default Another q about masks for adults

    As we’ve probably all discovered, the KN95/N95/etc masks come in either ear loop style or headband style. Has anyone seen disposable surgical type masks in headband style?? (Bonus points if they’re well reviewed or you have personal experience with then.)

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    We bought a box of these and they're nice masks. They are Level 2 masks but not the ASTM certification - it's I believe the EU certification. The filtration efficiency is comparable to ASTM level 2 and I think what's less comparable is the moisture barrier (fluid barrier) layer. So I'm good with that.

    Anyway, they are thick, sturdy masks (and a bit on the stiff side due to the thickness) with a good nose wire AND a thin foam strip at the nose for comfort and to reduce glasses fogging. I cut the ties off and use them as inserts for cloth masks.

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