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    Default S/O Question for those who participated in the adult covid vaccine studies

    DS is in the Pfizer trial. We are currently scheduled to be unblinded in late December, with the understanding that if the EUA is approved it will happen earlier. So my question for those who participated in the adult trials, how soon did you get unblinded once the EUA was filed/approved? Or how did that process work?

    I know they want to keep us in the study so they want to be the first option of vaccine for those who got the placebo. So I was just curious what the time frame may look like.

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    I can't remember exactly, but it was quite some time after the vaccines. It was after the general public was able to get the vaccine; I believe they were kind of forced to unblind us because so many people who thought they got placebo were jumping ship and getting the vaccine. I am fairly certain they unblinded us much sooner than anticipated.

    The Novavax study has avoided this scenario by offering one round of vaccines where everyone gets a shot, either placebo or the real thing, and then another round of shots where participants got whichever they didn't get the first time around. The original time between rounds of shots was supposed to be 6 months, but they moved it up to 3 months. I presume this was because the Pfizer was readily available and the delta variant was surging, so they wanted to preserve the study. Both DD and I got the real thing with the first rounds; we were both symptomatic.

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