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    I like my Rothy's (agree that sizing is wonky though, took some time to figure that out) and Birdies flats (my faves are these I love boots of all kinds. I wear Uggs a lot because I'm in an ice rink a lot and they are so warm, but I will wear everything from booties, to cowboy boots (these are my faves too..., to over the knee, what ever...but Uggs and Rothy's Merino booties or Chelseas are my most casual. I will wear retro sneakers with leggings or joggers (I think they look adorable with jeans on other people, but not me, for some reason. The Rothy's lace ups are super comfy to me too.

    Just got both of these (this color is so perfect with camo leggings/joggers).
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