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    Default Recommend your steam cleaner

    Does anyone have a steam cleaner that works well? I am looking for something I can steam clean my kitchen tile with, and also, my car interior/seats.

    I think I would wind up steam cleaning the tile about once a month. I don't see cleaning the interior of my car often, but it's a huge plus if I can use it for that too.


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    I have the bosses steamshot handheld which is around 35-40$. I got it a couple months ago when I was hesitant to get any regular cleaning service for fear of Covid and am happy with it. Iíve used it on tile grout in the shower and the sliding door channels. For the price, I found it to be a useful gadget. Iíve not used it for a while since I started getting a cleaner to come regularly now.
    If youíre looking to clean your car as well, you might want to look at something a bit more powerful. I think bissell make a pro version, that may be more up to the job.

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