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    I've decided to list 1 thing a day in my local Buy Nothing Facebook group. So far I've gotten rid of everything I've listed. Listing just 1 thing at a time makes it easier to keep track of who's picking up what.

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    Coming back to say this thread was the kick in the pants I needed. THANK YOU!

    I dropped off 17 bags of donations on Tuesday. Went through the closets for outgrown/outdated/worn out stuff for me and the kids (and got DH to do his clothes), our sports equipment and our outerwear (hats, gloves, scarves and coats - we had approximately one million of these things) and also culled DS1 and DS2's stuffed animal bins, which had just been sitting there neglected forever. I also decluttered my desk/command center area off the kitchen and recycled an entire bin of outdated paper. While I was at it, I decorated the house for fall. Sitting back and enjoying this week's accomplishments, but next week I have DS1 and DS2's rooms to get back to - they have a lot of non-clothing, non-stuffed animal clutter that needs to be gone through. I also need to go through our shoe racks in the garage and boot trays in the mudroom as I haven't gotten to footwear yet! On a roll ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by marinkitty View Post
    Coming back to say this thread was the kick in the pants I needed. THANK YOU!...
    I'm so glad it's helping some of us! I often feel absolutely buried under mountains of un-done chores, so posting little things I've accomplished helps me feel better about how I've spent my time.
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    I just keep inviting people over so it's made me stay on top of things!

    I absolutely love my local Buy Nothing group. I have unloaded so much clutter. My favorite was the day I went through the boxes of Halloween decorations I have acquired over the years and pruned the collection way down. I posted it on the page and had to draw a name because there was so much interest. I got rid of 2 boxes worth of stuff that had become clutter to me but appreciated by someone else. I did the same thing with kitchen stuff and lots of random things. Truly my favorite thing!

    I plan to go through my Christmas decoration boxes next so that will free up more space in our storage area in the garage. I just need to be in the right (aka not sentimental) mood!

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