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    Default What are you wishing for this holiday season? What are you gifting?

    I am trying to gather ideas particularly for the hard-to-gift! And also because shipping could be a nightmare again this year and I really, really want to get ahead of it.

    Me: I'm honestly not really wanting anything specific...I can't think of anything. I just bought myself a pair of Rothys. Oh I guess I would love a new bookshelf for my office but I'm picky about style.

    DH: wants a very soft and washable wool sweater. I'll also get him an Apple Watch band. Not sure what else. But he loves Allbirds undies so maybe a couple more pairs.

    Kids: gaming accessories, like a mechanical keyboard. Cool clothes in their new aesthetic (which I'm still trying to figure out)

    Grandparents: foot spa, immersion blender, digital picture frame, photo calendar, could definitely use more ideas here particularly for one grandma...

    Close family friends: Goldbelly (will need to do this in advance!)

    Other family friends: I'm not sure. Maybe Goldbelly as well. DDs have a same-age friend who used to be a BFF until they moved away so they are slowly drifting apart, which is sad...and I am at a loss for what to get her for the holidays. I might see if the girls can do some digital art that we can get printed/framed or on a canvas.

    Dogs: treats, toys

    Stockings: Thinking of Cupanion bottles filled with favorite candy, nail polish, Pez dispenser, journals with pens, hair products for DH, breakfast treat (Bairds pies, which are so unhealthy and which they love but I never buy)

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    Me: Iíd like some wool slippers. Looking at glerups vs the cork ones like stegmann and Haflinger.

    Dh: doesnít like gifts. Wonít buy him one at his request unless I see a good deal on a sweater at llbean or something.

    Dd: loves going on Amazon and making shopping carts full of toys. Will just have to pare that down a bit.

    Ds: ?? Dh is usually better than me at predicting what new video game or whatnot he would like.

    Iíll buy for my nieces, but donít really exchange gifts with parents and siblings anymore.

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    I have my eye on an expensive cutting board I have been eyeing for months but havenít pulled the trigger yet.
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    I want a slip cover for a chair in my living room and I want someone to take my car and get it detailed.

    I got target gift cards for my nieces and my kids teachers when they were 10% off the other day.

    I will come up with a couple of token items for my parents since we will probably have them over on Christmas. We donít really exchange gifts with anyone else.

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    DS2 wants a gaming headset or the like.
    DS1 (17) wants ??
    DD wants a big Lego, some Am Girl items, and a chemistry set. She’s happy with anything.
    DH wants something golf related for sure. I’ll get him chocolates and something from LL Bean also.

    My mom wants a small trip somewhere. I need to work on putting something together.

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    Iím not sure yet what I want. Maybe a single small stud diamond solitaire for the helix piercing I got a few months ago.

    DD1 wants Doc Martens, Apple Watch, Vera bradly lanyard and zip case and the VB Harry
    Potter make up bag (velvet with an owl on it).

    DD2 wants two different pair of Nike sneakers and AirPods and probably a million other things. Her birthday is the same month so I donít mind her list is long.

    DH: I have no idea. You can only give a guy so much stuff from his favorite team(s). Experiences are great but still a bit hard during pandemic times.

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    I have no idea what I want, but maybe a gift card to use on books for my eReaders. (Or maybe a sort of upgrade for my Nook ... I don't need another tablet-style eReader because I have a Kindle Fire, so maybe the bare-bones Nook Glow, as long as it has a lot of storage.)

    DD just wrote her list to "Santa" and gave it to DH. We'll have to go through her Amazon WishList together to ensure it's as up to date as possible.

    DH has a list of stuff that he usually waits until the last minute to communicate, so he typically gets nothing.

    DD and I are going to start working on a gifting list and a budget to give her a little more independence for her purchases.
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    I had a brain wave just today. We do a Secret Santa on both sides of the family and we don't draw names until close to Thanksgiving, which is so late. Well, *I* draw the names. I am just going to rig it if I find the perfect gift before then. I tried to stop doing Secret Santa 1-2 years ago (we started when we were younger and money was tighter) but I got push back from everyone! So, I have my compromise.

    Anyway, I have just a few ideas so far:
    nothing for the kids yet. Might splurge on a new desktop for ds2 so he can play games with friends. He has been doing fine with his Switch because his friends all have one but I know there's another friend that he'd play more with if we had a better computer for it.
    nothing for dh yet
    not off to a great start.

    But, for me:
    necklace from Uncommon Goods
    necklace from a local store
    a new purse, maybe from the American Leather Co. I need to go try them in person because I am short and I feel like a big bag looks off with my proportions. And I lose stuff if I have too much space.

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    DH has had custom speakers on order for THREE years... they are supposed to be finished soon. I don't buy him gifts, because he likes things like custom order speakers that take 3 years...

    I would like a new job, lol. I don't really need anything right now, maybe a new bag or purse?

    My boys are all ok with xbox GC or google play GC. So, I guess that they are easy to shop for.

    With that said, my two older boys both got new cell phones a couple of months ago, because theirs were so old and DH found a good deal. So, that was kind of a big gift.

    My youngest one is getting private baseball lessons.

    We are thinking about mainly going away for a trip for Christmas, so more focused on an experience gift.
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    I'm so stuck. Yet I think it is great that this thread was started as I'm hearing about horrible shipping delays ahead!

    I don't want anything. I want time. And a break. Maybe I can actually make that happen?

    My kids I'm so stuck on. I feel like they're both simultaneously swimming in STUFF and also they need so much in the way of intangibles. I really want to make Christmas feel special and I also don't want to give out anything that's going to seem bulky or get played with only a few times. We have board games and books and clothes galore. They have SO much LEGO, video games, and toys that are (sniff) seldom played with any more. They have bikes and scooters and headphones and I don't want them to have any more tech. If I could wave a magic wand I'd give them professional counseling (searching for a good counselor for DS1), more sleep (DS2), better social skills (DS3), anger management skills (yeah, DD). What they really NEED money wise is honestly more savings for college/missions. I feel like spending on those things align with my personal principles and yet I would NEVER make Christmas that lame, lol.

    Anyone else feeling like a major scrooge this year? My kids are way too young to get money or an experience only for Christmas. DS3 and DD still believe in Santa, lol!

    ETA: I have a ton of people who we exchange gifts with in our extended family. For the past few years we've done books as presents. It's probably boring but I think books make great gifts. They're personal, they can be easily stored/don't take up too much room, they're an "experience" of sorts, and they hold their value/can be passed along easily! This year my goal is to select all the books in enough time that I can take advantage of our local bookstore instead of waiting until the last minute and relying on Amazon prime like I did last year.
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