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    Quote Originally Posted by SnuggleBuggles View Post
    I had a brain wave just today. We do a Secret Santa on both sides of the family and we don't draw names until close to Thanksgiving, which is so late. Well, *I* draw the names. I am just going to rig it if I find the perfect gift before then. I tried to stop doing Secret Santa 1-2 years ago (we started when we were younger and money was tighter) but I got push back from everyone! So, I have my compromise.
    Love your Secret Santa hack!

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    Great thread!

    Buying gifts brings so much anxiety for me. I wish I could enjoy it like others. And my list isn't even that long!

    Me: I don't know! I can't really think of anything. DH usually gives me a general gift card, and I always sit on those waiting to find the *perfect* fit. I really want new flatware, I guess, and thought I had found some at Crate and Barrel several months back. But when I looked again recently, I clearly had miscalculated how much I need to buy and it's actually way more than I want to spend. Blech.

    DH: Super hard to buy for and picky. I do remember feeling pleased about what I got him last year, but I can't remember what is was! I'm going to look back on BBB because I'm sure we had a gift thread.

    DS: Also hard to buy for because he doesn't want much. Well, he wants a PS5, but I'm not jumping through a lot of hoops to try to track one down. He got an iPhone 11 a couple of months ago, so that was certainly a big deal. I'm thinking about tickets to an NBA game, Madden 22, PlayStation gift cards and clothes. He'll also need new basketball shoes, so those will be $100+. He'll need to pick those out, though. Like WendiBird's DD, he also has a December birthday, so he gets a little bit more that month.

    Parents/In-laws: Restaurant gift cards or a food order -- I'll look into Goldbelly if it's not crazy expensive. Plus something more personal for my mom -- sweater, jacket, earrings, etc.

    Two close friends: We've been exchanging holiday and birthday gifts for almost 10 years now, and it's gotten really hard to find something in our normal price ($30ish) that I haven't already gifted. Maybe I'll check Etsy, but I guess I should do that now.
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    Default What are you wishing for this holiday season? What are you gifting?

    For myself: not sure. I kind of told him my Peloton was birthday, Mother’s Day, and Christmas this year. It will be paid off in March…. I do need some new Uggs.

    For Dh: probably a leather jacket, but I need to take him with me to try it on so I don’t think I will be able to really surprise him.

    For DD1: most likely her Letterman’s jacket, and Ugg slippers. Astrological sign necklace.

    For DD2: cake baking supplies; probably a cake stand that rotates so she can ice cakes evenly. Astrological sign necklace. Costco knock off Ugg slippers. A new head for her Bitty Baby (she had a moment last year where she decorated Bitty Baby’s head into a zombie looking creature). She also thought thought the American Girl looks like you doll was cool (when we got the recent catalog), but both my girls are kind of ho him with dolls.

    For dad: not sure yet; probably something music related.

    I bought astrological sign necklaces for my girls and myself plus my mom, sister, and SIL a few months back when I saw them on sale on the Nordstrom website; they were $20-$25.

    My kids want to have a family tree poster made for my sister who is into genealogy so I do need to look into that, but if that doesn’t turn out to be anything within budget then I got her an astrological sign necklace as well.

    I also bought winter themed Russian stacking dolls last year that took so long to arrive they are now this year’s Christmas gifts for my parents, my aunt and uncle, my grandma, DH’s aunt and uncle, my in laws, and my sister.

    Kid wise I have to shop for my niece (8), two nephews (11, and 1), and my godson (3) and his little brother who will be 3 months. No real concrete ideas there yet; probably Target cards for the older two and Etsy wooden toys for the toddlers.

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