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    Default Question if your school age DC have an Apple watch

    Do they get a lot of use? Itís a gift idea but my DC are not allowed to wear them at school. So it would just be in backpack with phone which also means more opportunities for it to be lost. Iím just not sure an Apple Watch would get enough use to make it worth it. I could see it being useful for a place like a theme park so you wouldnít have to carry a phone around but that doesnít come up enough to justify it. DS does run and could use it for that but he has a Garmin that does everything the watch would do. Anything Iím not thinking of? They both already have iPhones. I donít even have a watch bc I donít think I would use it enough and I already dislike how much I am tied to my phone for work.

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    I wouldnít get one if it canít be worn in school. Youíd have to have the cellular version to use it without a phone nearby and that seems like a lot of money to spend on the watch and monthly cellular plan to only use it on occasion.

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