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    Default helpful suggestions to make spaying recovery go well

    I haven't had a female dog since I was a child, and I am feeling stressed about our new dog's upcoming spaying. What can I do to help her recover well? I will of course talk to the vet but I'm wondering if there are supplies I should have on hand. As an aside, our house has stairs to our living area, and I'm wondering how many days we will need to carry her up and down the stairs.

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    The trickiest part was keeping our girl from jumping up and down on the furniture. Which honestly, we couldn't seem to! She did fine though. Our vet recommended a soft cone and it seemed more comfortable.

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    Our dog just had this done last week- I was nervous too but she did just fine. The day she came home she was kind of miserable, whimpering seemed a little out of it. The next day she seemed close to normal. Now she seems fine, it has been hard to keep her from playing with our other dog, running jumping etc- she has spent a lot of time in her crate, but otherwise fine. The vet sent her with pain meds which she had the first day but then had some diarrhea so I haven't given them since- she doesn't seem to be in any pain. We have one of those donut things instead of the cone- she hasn't had to wear it much- she has been leaving the area alone for the most part. I only carried her around for the first day.

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    Keeping them from jumping/playing was the hardest part. We basically had them either in a crate or on a leash at all times for the first 5-7days (I think) and then gradually allowed more activity. Even in the house, we kept them on a leash so that they would not get too active.

    I would get some Kongs or other toys that you can stuff with peanut butter or the doggie cheese whiz that they sell with the kongs. They make great entertainment in the crate.

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    In addition to the cone we had our little dog wear a onesie after her surgery. My tip is to buy like 2 sizes bigger than you think you need.

    Our dog ended up with a bump that looked like a hernia near the surgery site. She got it from being too active. I tried SO hard to keep her calm, including Trazadone, but she was just a hyper little puppy so I didn't have a ton of success. She ended up having the lump drained at the vet.

    ETA - the bump was a seroma

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    We skipped the cone and only used the onesie, which was great for our dog The cone made her really sad but the onesie didnt bother her at all.

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    If you can get a soft cone it will be better than what you get at the vet. The onsies can be useful for some dogs. Make sure she's comfortable in a crate. Have kongs and/or other brain puzzles that she can do while she's on no activity. Get enough pain meds and sedatives if you think you might need them. Think about grooming if that is something your dog will need. Make sure she's brushed out well prior to going in.

    I never had to carry Nyla on the stairs but its only 5 steps into the house and she stayed over for 1 night. Frankly I was super grateful for that!
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