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    The only one I know is dressing up for sure is my college freshman - LOL - as some manga character. DS1 (16) hasn't dressed up since 8th grade so unless a party crops up that requires costumes I think he probably won't. DS2 (14) might dress up, he did not ToT last year for the first time but I don't know for sure if it's really over or if that was pandemic induced. My other two trick or treated for the last year in 8th grade, so I guess DS2 might if his friends go.

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    8th grader will probably just be Rory Gilmore (Chilton sweatshirt and plaid skirt). I haven't heard if there's some group costume for school and I fully expect her to want me to get her something last minute. 4th grader has a light up stick figure costume for trick or treating but I think if he wear it to school it's likely to stop working. We've got a hoodie and a mask (if it arrives on time) for him to dress as the youtuber Dream.

    My husband is borrowing a friend's Loki jumpsuit (like from the show) and I bought a comfy skeleton onesie to wear to hand out candy - kind of a Phoebe Bridgers vibe maybe?

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    DS is going as Han Solo, DD2 is going as C3PO. DD1 isn't interested in trick-or-treating this year but will be running the candy chute at home, probably in a deer onesie.

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    DD will be a Lego
    DS2 Sherlock Holmes
    DS1 if he dresses up for a party this weekend will be a shark in a hilarious onesie costume I snagged last year.

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    Dd2 is going to be Estella (young Cruella). She originally wanted to be Cruella but she said that some of her friends were going to be that. Now she says that friend is something else but she is still happy with her choice. She doesn’t want to wear the wig though; but she kind of needs it to make the costume.

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    My hair is natural now so I'm picking it out into a giant fro and being someone from the 70s.

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