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    Default collagen peptides? (posting here for more visibility

    Hi, just curious, anybody using collagen peptides? Do you find it makes a difference? I picked up some liquid at Costco (kiwi-strawberry). It tastes ok, but smells terrible! I know a lot of people use the vital proteins brand, but it was more expensive. Anyhow, I'm on day two, hoping to see if I get any results in about 2 weeks.


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    I've been taking them daily for about 2 years. I mix 1 scoop a day in my coffee. I don't notice any change in taste. I'm not sure if they do anything although I do get complimented on my skin a lot (but I'm also 8-17 years younger than all my mom friends) and I cut all my hair off at the beginning of the pandemic and it's grown 8 inches since then. My cornea specialist wants me taking them daily. I had corneal ectasia in my left eye from Lasik and had to have a cornea procedure (cross-linking) a year ago. My doctor wanted me taking 3000mg a day of vitamin C, fish oil, and the collagen peptides to help my cornea heal.

    These are the ones I take, although it would probably be a good idea to take one from grass fed cows (this brand used to be grass fed apparently, but not anymore).

    Also, a small amount of the population are allergic to bovine collagen, including my DS1. He has severe eczema and we thought the collagen might help his skin, but every time he took them he suffered severe itching and would start clawing at his neck. I read some reviews and a handful of people also had similar reactions. My mom and I take them with no issues.

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    Default collagen peptides? (posting here for more visibility

    I take Vital Proteins occasionally (I should take them more); VP is grass fed and paleo friendly. I have to mix it well though and usually mix it with protein powder and oat milk. I find it is hard to manually mix so I just donít see how people mix it with their coffee. You can use regular milk as well but the oat milk cuts the WW points down a couple of points.

    I bought my VP at Costco which was a better deal than Target or Amazon.

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    I've been taking Vital Proteins for a few months, my SIL introduced me to them. Stated with one scoop in coffee then realized the directions say two scoops (oops!). I don't think I notice a big difference in anything? (I still look like a haggard mom without enough sleep - my go-to look for the past 18 years. )

    I usually get the regular bovine one which seems to dissolve fine in coffee. DH mistakenly bought the one with Hylaronic (sp?) acid and Vitamin C (skin/hair/nail/joint support) - this one gets all clumpy, and I think I can taste it a little bit.
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