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    Default Why can't we just follow the rules?

    So OH put in new quarantine "rules" for school. You can come to school if you're a close contact if you mask for 14 days or 7 days if you test negative at day 7. They are allowed to remain in sports if they mask at all times (sideline, locker room, etc) except during active play. They are supposed to test as soon as they are contacted and again at day 5-7. DS told me the entire 8th grade BB team was contact traced, as were a few kids on his team (7th). NO ONE is wearing a mask in the locker room or at practice. His friends have not been made to test. So now, should these kids get sick they're exposing everyone else. I mean, how hard is it to put a freakin' mask on your face? I'm so glad that DS is vaccinated but do worry that since he's getting closer to his 6 months the vaccine will start to wane.

    Oh, and our stupid school is having a veterans day program in the gym today. 1200+ students plus who know how many veterans packed into a gym unmasked in an area with 700+ cases per 100K. Smart move people. Smart move.

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    Ugh that's so frustrating. Why even have rules if they aren't going to be enforced? It just seems like window dressing.

    Our brilliant superintendent sent out an invite to parents to participate in a "thought exchange" (it's a type of forum for expressing an opinion and then up or down voting other comments) to help determine if the school district should let the dept of health host a vaccine clinic for 5-11yr olds at the school. What?! Who cares what parents think. The schools hosts a flu shot clinic every year, why would this be any different (other than fake news making covid vax such a controversy). The superintendent just needs to grow a pair and either green light it or not. Honestly, why wouldn't school leadership want to make it as easy for kids to get vaccinated as possible? Those who don't want their kids vaccinated won't come, so why let those parents make it harder for those who want it to access it? Doesn't it benefit the school's objectives (health and safety, learning, etc) to help lessen the spread of COVID among students and staff? I've been so unimpressed with this person's leadership.
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    This is such a pet peeve for me. I'm a rule follower and it is hard for me to see people that I otherwise respect refusing to follow the rules for reasons that don't make a lot of sense to me. I'm really sorry OP!

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