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so glad you had a great trip!
DH & I have been talking with the kids and we agreed on going to Costa Rica as a family for Spring Break 2023 as their 12th & 13th birthday gifts. So i'm sure in 6 months or so when i really start planning i will be posting on here asking for tips We are planning to go in March 2023 which i've heard is pretty dry time to go which works for us.

My kiddos really love animals (sloths and monkeys) so it would be great. DD really wants to visit the sloth sanctuary. We have never really taken kids out of the country so it should be interesting. I am hoping it motivates them a little bit to learn Spanish.
I'd be happy to share more about our trips (we've gone twice and have now visited four different provinces) - this second trip was seriously amazing. We already booked our rental house in Santa Teresa for 10 days next winter break and are trying to get two other families to go back with us. All three of my kids used their Spanish a lot this time.