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    Default Nintendo Switch Guidance

    We have resisted because we had have so many Wii U games, but decided to move on to Switch. I was able to get a Mario Kart bundle. I would have probably preferred OLED but they are OOS.

    Can you guide me on what controllers we will need for 4 people playing? There appears to be numerous different versions of pro and Joy-con controllers but I have no idea which ones we would need or if any came with our bundle (box buried in closet).

    Any must have games? They tend to play Mario type games or sports on Wii U. TIA for the advice. Bonus points for links/deals.

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    Following. We just bought the Costco package that is regular ( not OLED, DS2 claims the OLED one is too buggy) with a year of online family access bc that's the only one I could find in stock. He also put additional joy-cons on his wish list, and Zelda BOTW2 ( even though it doesn't come out for about a year) as well as Minecraft and Hyrule warriors.

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    My kids love their Switch! As far as controllers, so the joycons come in sets of 2. For some games, 2 people can each use one half of the joycon to play but for some games (like Minecraft) you have to use BOTH of the parts of the joycons. So for 4 players you'd need four SETS of joycons to play Minecraft. We have tried one non-Nintendo but "compatible" controller and didn't have great luck with it. We didn't try any of the other controllers. Instead, we've steadily amassed 5 sets of joycons. My kids all love Zelda BOTW, Minecraft, Super Mario Odyssey, and Super Smash Bros. They have a bunch of other games that they like but those are consistent faves!

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    My son loves Mario Maker 2. You get to create Mario levels and play others that people have created. Super fun!

    My husband has been playing Metroid Dread and loves it (and gets frustrated by it). We also have and like Animal Crossing, Super Smash Brothers, Luigi's Mansion 3, Super Mario Odyssey (this isn't very new at this point, but it's a favorite for sure) etc. It's fun to get a Just Dance game. We've also got various Pokemon games and even though my son loves Pokemon cards, he doesn't really click with the games the way he does with all of the Mario games.

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    My Ds3 (14yo) loves his switch and so do his friends. He recommends Mario odyssey, and the Mario 35th anniversary collection has 3 games in one. You can get it on Amazon but no longer on Nintendo store. He said it’s really good.

    He also loves and recommends for the switch: Zelda botw, Zelda Link’s Awakening Remake, and Animal Crossing New Horizons
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    We have official JoyCons and compatible-but-not-official JoyCons. The not-official ones are shaped more like controllers on something like a PlayStation or Xbox, which is why DH bought them (he has large hands and low fine motor dexterity) and they're currently the only ones that work properly.

    You need two for playing a lot of games, so for 4 people, I would get 3 more sets if you can.

    DD plays Mario Kart with her older cousins, but they combine two sets of controllers (DD has two sets and the cousins have two sets.)

    They also play Animal Crossing together occasionally, but that's easier because they can play remotely.

    We have a bunch of games - DD likes Animal Crossing, Minecraft, the new Zelda games (Breath of the Wild; Link's Awakening; and Hyrule Warriors), Pokemon Let's Go Evee, Pokemon Shield, and Paper Mario best. Mostly, she plays games that her friends also have so they can FaceTime and hang out that way.
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