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    Default How do you control grease spatter in kitchen?

    We have hardwood floors in our kitchen. The hottest and biggest burner on my Wolf gas stove is in the front so even when I use a deep pot (Le Crueset Dutch oven) for searing there is still spatter on the floor. There are a couple minor marks so far but I worry overtime that the hot spatter will damage the floor.

    Iíve seen Frywall recommended but havenít tried them yet. My Dutch oven is oval so not sure if they would work.

    I love to cook but I hate the greasy mess that comes with a lot of things I make. I typically use a microfiber cloth with hot water to clean up but sometimes I think I need a degreaser too. I cook bacon on paper towels in the microwave so I donít have to deal with the grease.

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    I'd consider getting a rug/mat that you can place in front of the stove. It would catch the spatter and be easy to clean or replace if needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liziz View Post
    I'd consider getting a rug/mat that you can place in front of the stove. It would catch the spatter and be easy to clean or replace if needed.
    This is what we do. I have a small washable rug in front of the stove to catch splatter and spills, plus it's cheerful in color and soft on my feet so it's nice to stand on while cooking. Mine is just a simple cotton flat woven rug placed over a rug grip.

    We cook bacon in the oven on a foil-linen pan, then transfer cooked bacon to a wire rack lined with paper towels, then once they stop dripping I throw the paper towels into the foil with the hot/still liquid grease to soak it up, wrap the foil up into a ball, and toss it. Easy cleanup. I also use microfiber cloths with hot water but I add a couple of drops of Dawn and it works GREAT to clean up all the splatters on the front of the stove and the countertops nearby. Chlorox wipes also work GREAT on grease, sometimes I use those, throw away, and then follow up with a microfiber towel + hot water to wipe up the streaky residue.

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    I guess the Frywall falls into this category (I have never heard of that before). But I would try a splatter screen. I see your Dutch oven is oval, but you could probably get a round one that’s big enough to cover the top. Mine doesn’t completely stop the splatter but it cuts down on it by a lot. And then you’ll have less to clean.
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    I never have that problem. I do have some simple screen things with handles I can cover a pot with the rare times I make something splattery. I have an anti fatigue mat in front of my stove and love it.

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    I also have a splatter screen that I use

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