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    Default Starting makeup with teens?

    My oldest DD is 13 and I have started to notice that a lot of her friends are now wearing makeup. While I don't want to rush anything at all, I also want to be aware of her getting older and starting things like this and help her with the process (which my mom did not at all). Is this a typical age for girls to start? And if so, anyone have any advice on where/how to start?

    She has pretty sensitive skin and some hormonal acne. (We have seen the derm, but she isn't really willing to deal with the redness/burning that those treatments bring for her so washes her face and just deals with the pimples as they arise with patches and spot creams).

    I am a daily makeup wearer, but in a minimal way. I pretty much wear a tinted moisturizer, cream blush stick (and/or bronzer sometimes) and mascara. (I'll add eyeliner, basic eyeshadow and lip gloss if I'm going out somewhere dressier.) I have been trying to wear "cleaner" makeup over the last few years and most of my stuff is Beautycounter or Thrive, both purchased online. But I realize that will be trickier for her in terms of color matching.

    ETA: She also has a bit of hair (peach fuzz-ish) on her upper lip. This is something I have zero experience with. Would you just wait for her to bring that up or offer options for dealing with it?? If so, what is the best option?

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    Kosas has a “try before you buy” section of samples. You can order a box of everything or select individual sample cards a la cart. Reddit has a lot of different cosmetic forums. I think “Makeup Addiction” is the most populated. Often MUA is used as the short form for Make-Up Addiction and offshoots will often use that as part of their moniker. (Ex. “Drugstore MUA”, “Pale Skin MUA”). Anyway, individuals there are often knowledgeable about more specific offshoot sections and can direct a newbie through it. Reddit also has a “skincare addiction” forum and probably other similar forums/offshoots as well.

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    If you're open to it, go to Sephora or a Clinique counter and explain that she's looking to get started with make up and have them help. They will help pick out good products and explain how to use them. My mom got me started with Bonne Bell back at JC Penney and the Clinique counter when I was a young teen. Super helpful.
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    14yr old DD1 wears foundation concealer, mascara, and sometimes eyeshadow and eyeliner. I took her to Ulta to have them assist with picking out a good foundation and concealer for her skin type and coverage needs and to be able to trying on shades to find good match. For mascara we just buy a drug store variety.

    12yr old DD2 I allow to wear a basic mascara and concealer. I do not allow her lip color, eyeshadow, etc. yet.

    I think Sephora/Ulta or a make up counter brand would help your DD with getting the right color matching, show her how to apply, and identify the types of products you are ok with her wearing. No reason it needs to be all or nothing. If you want to start out slow with a few basic products, I think that's the way to go. I'd also suggest you give clear instruction about where she can apply make up (bathroom only, in her bedroom, etc) as you may have reason to not end up with lip color or liquid eyeliner on your bedroom carpet. The other thing would be to educate her about how often to replace make up products and not sharing with others to avoid skin/eye infections.
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    Dd is 22 and still not into makeup, so some girls just aren’t. She has worn it only for special occasions like prom, weddings, and senior photos. At most she wears under eye concealer.
    I think if she were to be interested in makeup I would have suggested mineral makeup, because I feel like it’s a lot lighter and less likely to cause breakouts. I also like the idea of tinted moisturizer. I tried to impart the importance of sunscreen but she is too lazy to do anything!
    Definitely make sure she understands the importance of thorough cleansing. I was obsessed with make up as a teenager but didn’t know how to take care of my skin so my skin was a mess- fortunately it has recovered since then :-)
    We all have dark hair so facial hair is a problem We use one of these to deal with it:

    as an adult I also did laser hair removal- best decision, though I still get some light peach fuzz.
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    For the upper lip fuzz removal, if she has concerns, I'd suggest a simple hair trimmer, DD had quite a dark mustache and used this trimmer easily herself at age 11. These trimmers are sold everywhere in the razor section.

    My DD loves makeup and has taught herself, using tutorials online (youtube mostly). She buys from everywhere, often getting Sephor/Ulta gift cards but also from Target/Meijer etc. She started wearing makeup around 7/8th grade.

    You could give a "makeup" consultation as a gift at Sephora and give her ideas or wait and see what she asks about (or if she has a friend who is already into makeup she might learn from her).

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    Has she mentioned wanting to wear makeup? Or are you just noticing that her friends do? I think the Ulta/Sephora idea is a great one, but I would follow her lead on the timing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acmom View Post
    ETA: She also has a bit of hair (peach fuzz-ish) on her upper lip. This is something I have zero experience with. Would you just wait for her to bring that up or offer options for dealing with it?? If so, what is the best option?
    I'd wait until she brings it up; it may not bother her, and pointing it out could backfire. I think I would have died if my mother had pointed out upper-lip hair when I was 13.

    For mine, I've done home "cool wax" strips (moderately successful, but it all depends on how taut you pull your skin while removing the strip), microwave wax kits (yeah, no), salon wax (makes me break out), threading (outside my comfort level with COVID), and a depillator device (mine has replaceable batteries, not rechargeables) for faces.
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