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    Default check your email - Lululemon discount

    i randomly saw an email from Lululemon today, with a subject line "here's a gift to kick off 2022". inside it was a graphic that said "let's reconnect" with a link to the website. it said it was a one-time discount valid until Jan 16. it didn't mention a percentage of what the discount was, so knowing Lululemon, i was thinking like $10 off or 5% off, but when i clicked on website and signed in, everything in my cart is 25% off

    anyway i figure i would give heads up to anyone else , check your email in case you may have gotten one too! it's not a code, it a link tied to your account at Lululemon.
    AFAIK, for Lululemon discounts like this are EXTREMELY RARE. To be honest i thought the email was possible fake/phishing at first, i was so surprised. LOL. But it is legit.

    i think i got it bc i bought a decent amount of Lulu items early in 2021, but haven't bought anything from them in several months. Not sure.
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