If you recall I had an IUD put in to help with heavy periods. This after trying BPC and hating it. Liletta IUD was put in back in October after a few failed insertion attempts.

Iíve had 4 cycles since then. Each one a mix of spotting and light flow lasting about 10-12 consecutive days. This cycle, which began only 3 weeks after my last one, has now lasted 15 days with no end in sight. Some days itís light and bright red, some days itís barely spotting, some days itís heavier spotting and brown. Just when I think maybe itís ending then the next day is back to bright red. So, while Iím no longer dealing with two very heavy days of emptying a diva cup every hour or two, Iím dealing with what feels like a constant period. Both suck for different reasons.

This is how things were with the Mirena I had 10yrs ago and that I only stuck with for 9 months. Iím still holding out hope that things improve with this one.

Iíve also noticed breast tenderness each month. I canít recall having that feeling since I was a teen!!

Sigh. I just wish Iíd go through menopause already!

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