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    Default Shapewear recommendation?

    Wow, there are a lot of advertisements for shapewear out there! I'd love to have a BBB recommended option for shapewear.

    I have used this before:

    And frankly it didn't quite hit the area I was really looking to minimize. My biggest problem area is my postpartum "pooch" and the set above instead does a lot of shaping through the waist instead--almost like it runs out of "power" right before it hits the lower abdomen!

    I kind find lots of ads for stuff out there but would love to know if anyone has a great option for a special occasion.


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    I have the full priced one of the one you posted from Nordstrom. I used to buy them during the anniversary sale if 1/2 yearly sale. I went through about one every year or two (max). It isn’t perfect but it does slim things down when I wear dresses. I have never worn a true shaper with a bra or anything though.

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    I’ve always used something like this. One of my friends wears this under dresses on days she meets with clients. Of course that was before Covid. That is too uncomfortable for me. I don’t do spanx for work. Just special occasions!
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