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    What is that? Some specialized dominatrix speciality? Nope is the feminine form of executor of an estate. I am taking over my motherís estate from my brother. I got to fly down to appear in person in some County in SW Pennsylvania in a Registry of Wills that appears to be stuck in the 19th c. Digitization? Whatís that? So everyone insists on using the feminized form of executor, because my bits and bobs matter in any legal sense? Even my spellcheck doesnít recognize the word! Itís not on the legal form. Seriously, what is with the insistence of using gender specific words in these situations. That and because NO ONE wear masks down there I had to forgo mine in the courthouse. I mean, sure, I could have worn it. But clearly since they gave 3 different answers to my lawyer over the phone of what was needed and did a fourth thing when we got there it was fairly obvious they could make my life miserable very easily and make me fly down again to get this done, dragging out this whole thing and making it impossible to get my motherís house out of foreclosure. So I went maskless and pasted a smile on my face and made small talk about sports. Now I have to wait another 2 weeks to get it official, they said just two days when we were there. Bank wonít talk to me until we have paperwork. They started foreclosure already. Meanwhile my brother has it in his head that the property is work 50% more that what it is and is mad at me. No, mom was a hoarder, didnít do a thing in 20 years to the house that she bought for the original owners of 20 years that made no updates. So no, the prices in Zillow donít reflect this townhouse. Iím hoping we donít lose money.

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    Sorry youíre dealing with the added challengesóeven the routine process of administering a well organized estate is no fun.

    And yes, the terminology is archaic. When I was "executrix" of my parents' estates, my family started calling me Trixie.

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    Ugh, sorry you are having to deal with all of this.

    I have never heard of that terminology! When I handled my fatherís estate they used the term ďPersonal RepresentativeĒ rather than executor, and it was the first time I had heard that too. It must vary by state.

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    Oh, legalese is just the best. (Not.)
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    Yikes that sounds stressful and basically just awful. I hope it works out and you don't lose money.

    However, I saw the word Executrix today!! I got a payment from a class action my dad was in (he passed away 14 years ago??) and I was an Executrix on the check. I was like uh, really?? My brother was Executor on his check, obviously. But it's just beyond random to see that word twice in the same day. Waiting on the third...
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