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Thread: Hair help

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    I think it's something I'm not doing in regards to my styling technique. I found some pictures I had after I got a professional blow out...they never used a huge amount of products but I could never replicate it at home even though I bought all these fancy mousses etc.

    Does anyone have the Dyson hairdryer with the flyaway attachment? If I could solve the flyaways I'd be happier.
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    OP, I'm not sure if this will help you. It seems like you're looking for better techniques/products to help you get a smoother blowout and I'm no help there.

    I will share that I have fine hair, but a lot of it and I have a wavy texture. My hair is blonde and I get highlights every few months. My secret to good hair every day is that I wash a couple of times a week and I blow dry for exactly 5 minutes. I use the timer on my phone, lol. I let the ends dry naturally. It has meant that my hair is just in really good condition. It is funny because I was tempted by the Revlon Hair brush thing but I realized after reading on here that it was doing exactly the opposite of how I style my own hair. Many on here were letting the hair dry naturally and then using the Revlon to do the last few minutes of styling.

    I fully recognize that this technique would not work on all styles or kinds of hair but wanted to put it out there. I don't do much hot styling on my hair and rely on having really healthy hair instead so that it is naturally less frizzy and damaged. I can tell when it is time for a haircut because my ends no longer look good.

    I will say that I have an influencer friend (hundreds of thousands of followers) and I like her because she's really honest. She just did a post on why collagen did nothing for her, lol. She does really love Olaplex so there are some voices that I really trust that have used it with great effect!

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    I was going to recommend not drying your hair with a blow dryer, if possible. I can see a big difference in my hair's texture when I go a few months letting my hair air-dry. Granted she's young and everything looks better on her but my DD doesn't dry her hair with a blow dryer and her hair is noticeably very healthy. It shines like satin.

    If you can find a salon that does the professional Olaplex treatments, I highly recommend them. They work wonders. I tried the at-home Olaplex shampoo and conditioner and didn't notice much difference. But the in-salon treatments are miraculous.

    I also recommend the Davines Oi Oil. It's unscented and is wonderful. I have shoulder length hair and rub 2 or 3 pumps of Oi Oil in my freshly towel-dried hair after each washing. It never looks clumpy or oily. Love that stuff.
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    i have the Dyson air wrap (got it for xmas) and it's a game changer. i had similar problem with frizz and flyaways on wavy hair, except my hair is extremely thick and i don't color it (i'm sure i will in couple years). i'm texas with humid climate which is nightmare for hair like mine.
    the stylist would do awesome job but i could never get it to be that smooth.

    for me the Dyson helps bc the heat isn't as high so it doesn't damage it every time i blow out.
    and, i wash my hair 4x a week so it gets a lot of use and blowdrying that often i think was starting to damage it. i exercise most days so it's unavoidable. if i go more than 48 hrs without washing my scalp looks oily and gross (however it does look best one day after washing, bc it's not as frizzy).

    i should point out, that with the Dyson there's definitely a learning curve to how to use it. Also; it may not be as easy/effective if you have long hair... you may need to buy attachments for longer hair. i have barely shoulder-length hair so it's perfect.
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