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    Oh I am so sorry to read this update. I had my fingers crossed that he would test negative in time.
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    You know, it wasn't a terrible experience for him. He loved the BBQ food plus watching it online. It would be a terrible thing for many kids but it was less devastating for him. I did want him to go. Every opportunity that I've strongly encouraged him to do has been hugely positive. But we did everything short of lying to allow him to go and it didn't work out!

    It has been weird because since then I've tested negative and DS3 and DD are back at school, after negative tests this morning. It seems like all of us have been negative well within that ten day period EXCEPT DS1.

    Also, DS2 is supposed to show up at school tomorrow to take his final, outside. School is already out. I'm testing him in the morning and if it is positive there's no way I'm sending him in. Not if his brother wasn't allowed to walk in graduation. They can't make an exception for one thing and not another! (Though I do hope he is negative and it will be a good experience for DS2 to take his final!)

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    Oh my somehow I missed all this. So glad you are doing better now and that is too bad about your DS missing his graduation. That is totally random and crazy about the freshman biology final. I hope you all get healthy soon and have a great summer.

    On a side note Melbel thanks for the nose rinse tip.

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