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    Default DD1 STOP moving stuff around in the shower!

    My eyesight without glasses is awful. -7 with astigmatism. 2 days ago, my glasses fell and I couldnt find them because you know - I wasnt wearing them.

    Last week, I accidentally used shampoo instead of conditioner because dd1 rearranged all the bottles and I didnt notice before getting in the shower when I could still see. Made me late for work and my hair was awful for days because I rarely use shampoo and certainly not in the quantity I dumped into my hair that day.

    This am was the worst - dd1 AGAIN rearranged stuff in the shower. Whomever finished the bar of soap yesterday didnt replace it so I grabbed body wash. Dumped it on my parts and started scrubbing when I realized OMG - that wasnt body wash. It was medicated Tea Tree Mint Shampoo!
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    Tea tree shampoo down south yikes! Must have been an invigorating experience. Hope she listens and keep things where they belong.
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    Oh no!! Hope DD gets with the program!
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