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    Quote Originally Posted by DualvansMommy View Post
    Is this the same school you had issues about your child’s allergy??? I recall a post where a teacher was punitive with your allergy child few years ago.

    It’s so wild. I don’t understand people like that teacher.

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    Yes! Your memory serves you well. I'm going to guess that it's the same teacher based on the way my friend worded what she was told. When DS had his reaction that year (because the teacher let the entire class eat monster cookies thus getting PB all over the room), it took us two weeks to figure out what it was. We had originally chalked it up to seasonal allergies because we couldn't pinpoint a cause of his reaction. Until DS mentioned someone had brought in monster cookies (he didn't know what they were) and her name corresponded with the day of the reaction. Said teacher's response once I started questioning things was "IF that's what caused the reaction, then I guess I'm sorry." And from there on out DS and I were both treated horribly by her. She didn't believe for one second that she caused his reaction by her lack of following his 504.

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    That is TERRIFYING!!!!! Peanut residue gets EVERYWHERE in a school! I would definitely let the principal and school nurse know that you are hearing that at least one teacher thinks your DS is "faking it" and include a letter from the allergist or pediatrician stating that the allergy is real and needs to be taken seriously! It is hard enough for a child to have a serious allergy without the adults supporting you!

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