DD's school had its virtual back-to-school night last night (9/15) and I attended so I could learn more about her German class and her "Design Thinking" class (I didn't know what this meant, so I wanted to learn.)

For her core subjects (ELA/Math/Science/Social Studies), DD has what they call "Integrated" classrooms - these subjects have a grade-level general education teacher who is supported by a special education teacher leading a regular curriculum, rather than a slower-paced, more modified special-ed curriculum that stand-alone special ed would be.

DH asked, after I'd logged out, if DD was in "special ed" for all of her subjects. I said, no, she was in an "integrated" classroom, where she had access to additional supports & accommodations with a special ed co-teacher, but she was doing grade-level work at a standard pace. He immediately said "so she's not on a college track?" ... THE F^CK?

She is on a standard, grade-level track. She is being supported for success in all her core subjects, especially the expressive language-focused subjects like ... ELA and Social Studies, but that doesn't mean she's not on a "college track." (Also? SHE IS IN MIDDLE SCHOOL.)

It's frustrating to have this kind of conversation with him because he refused to learn anything about her diagnosis, her needs, her IEP, and the accommodations she is entitled to in the text of her IEP and yet he has an opinion about it.

F^ck, why don't you attend the [email protected] back-to-school night and parent conferences next time if you're so concerned?