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    Default Help with Universal planning...

    Thanks to all your help the last time I posted maybe a couple years ago about a future one and only Disney trip (and I found out the sad news that Harry Potter is not in Disney and Universal is a separate park...ha) , we are roughly/tentatively planning our "big" trip for this upcoming Oct. 20-30th (kids will only miss 3 days of school and it gives us about 10 days). Kids will be 12, 11 (bday on trip), 8 and 4. DH has a disability rating so we are tentatively planning to stay at Shades of Green those days and have 2 rooms booked but aren't opposed to staying somewhere else or at an airbnb. We don't qualify for the very discounted tickets but we can get slightly discounted + tax free tickets through Shades of Green.

    Is it worth taking the 4 yo (and 8 yo for that matter who is really short...still wears size 5/6 pants and they fit him...) to Universal at all? I measured our 4yo today and she's about 37' so that gives her about 7ish rides that I could see but nothing that jumped out that she'd be crazy about or care if she missed. (Likewise with 8yo, I mean I think he could go on more...but he doesn't really care about Harry Potter or any of the things the older boys are into except Minecraft which is N/a for Universal. He likes Minions but doesn't like, love them. I doubt he'd be upset if he missed it.)

    I started out thinking that they'd do 4 Disney days + 2 Universal days (+ Mickey Halloween party), with maybe the younger kids 1 day of Universal. Now I'm leaning towards skipping Universal for the younger two entirely and spending extra days at Disney or doing something totally different like Discovery Cove...(although the older two might not be happy with that.) My parents are going to go as well (not as many days) so I wouldn't be stuck with the younger kids by myself, either, btw.

    Thoughts?! Thanks so much!!

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    misread your post...nevermind my answer, lol.

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