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    Default Allergies ....

    I know I'm venting alot here but there's a lot going on!

    TH I was in my small group classroom first thing and was fine. Then we joined the inclusion group and I sat between 2 groups of kids and absently started to scratch my arm. 20min later I was ready to chew it off. Washed off my arm to see if it improved and nope. Went down to the nurse. by the time I got there, my right arm was covered in hives and the left was starting to pop up. She applied cortisone cream and I stayed in her office while she went off to investigate. 40min later she came back. The kid I was sitting with had decided to use a balloon to make a stress ball and brought it to school. I had leaned over them to help during a digital lesson. I went back to class but then started to cough and was scratching so badly kids were staring at me and no one was learning anything so I went home to get zyrtec. I really prob should have used my epipen.

    Fri night, dd1 went on her out of state trip with school. Everyone was briefed on her allergies. They all go to Cracker barrel for breakfast and she is specifically told the restaurant has been told of her allergies and she was pointed out to the waitress. Everyone else at the table gets eggs and bacon/sausage. She is last to be served and is given eggs and a bowl of strawberries (her most severe allergen!)

    I hate allergies.
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    I am so sorry things have been so tough for you. How in the world could the restaurant have gotten it so wrong!

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    Iím so sorry. Allergies make life so hard. Weíre trying to navigate college decisions with food allergies. On top of the normal stresses, figuring out which schools will safely feed DS well and balancing that against all the other criteria is exhausting. We donít deal with a latex allergy. That sounds really challenging. Hope your daughter was OK and got something else safe to eat.

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