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    sending hugs and a tip-my kids are each a day (DS is odd days, DD is even days). On your day you do the chores I dictate (unload the dishwasher, take out trash, feed animals etc). It's helped.
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    Default This is so much harder than I'd imagined.

    Definitely hang in there and you’ll find a routine that works most of the time.

    Being a dual working family can be tough to juggle, but the extra security is worth it to us. DH is mid-50s and people we know of similar age are having work cut or being laid off. The families with only one spouse working are in a difficult position, one friend is feeling the stress of current college costs and upcoming retirement and his working shrinking all at the same time. The economy isn’t great for their work right now. DH said he appreciates I share the working burden - I don’t earn as much but I carry the health benefits and can cover basics of bills (would need to be very frugal though ). So when it’s difficult to juggle, and this last week was very difficult for us as both slammed at work, we let house/other less important tasks slide until we can catch up. We get it done, just not all at the same time

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