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    Interesting, having observed over the last few years probably over 150 people at work or more who got covid, anxiety about it was not really something we saw, maybe because they are older and seem not to be too brothered by a lot. Some were very aware they had Covid but didn't get too upset, which was good.

    Our 80 bed building just had a crazy out break, we had 37 residents test positive within a few days of each other (first case was the spouse of someone who had Covid and visited before she knew she had it) and as we were no longer wearing masks (haven't in a very long time) it spread very very quickly. Most have head cold like symptoms, coughing, and irritated that they are stuck in their rooms. Very few given Plaxlovid, they could only get a few prescriptions but everyone seems OK (and these are all over 75 with multiple health conditions).

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    I was going to say anxiety too. Watching my own DD struggling with panic attacks recently and I can totally see where his symptoms could be related to his anxiety. I am also aware of the microclots some people have experienced. The one person IRL I know who developed microclots throughout both legs (groin to ankle) didn't develop them immediately during the acute phase of illness but as a long covid reaction. She's now 2yrs out from that covid infection and is having surgery to have the clots removed. She had to first take medication to help break them down a bit more. They are surface level clots, like tiny pebbles under her skin, and not a risk of DVT or a clot coming loose and traveling to her heart/lungs/brain.

    ETA: my SIL had COVID last week. Started with sore throat and congestion, tested pos, and then next day was so ill with vomiting that she couldn't keep water down. Went to the ER for fluids and an antinausea med. We were all surprised with the vomiting as all the news reports of this current strain seems to say it's very mild cold symptoms.
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