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Thread: ideas for DD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by echoesofspring View Post
    Thank you for all these are lovely ideas!
    I did go ahead and ask her last night on the way to her songwriting class if she had anything on her list and she said yes, rocks. I asked if she meant for collecting or jewelry and she proceed to just name a bunch of rocks - tigers eye, quartz, etc. She had asked earlier for a gemstone advent calendar, which I got her, but I had thought that was a passing fancy. Her grandma is a rockhound so this is easy to figure out something, but maybe we could buy (or GM can make) her a necklace with her birthstone for her bday, she has nothing like that.

    And I was thinking maybe one of those salt lamps, thoughts/recs? Whenever I've been someplace that had one it's seemed so soothing.

    (She gets into things so intensely and then it's over, I can't tell if they are really internally driven interests or just maybe a meme or something. Right now the fairy/cottage core stuff and I know mushrooms are having a moment. Last year it was the elements/periodic table (seriously) and harry potter, the year before that constellations.)
    What about a rock tumbler like this: My DD had one of these a few years ago and loved it. But man was it noisy!
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    What about a rock tumbler like this: My DD had one of these a few years ago and loved it. But man was it noisy!
    Thanks - I'll talk to grandma this weekend, I'm betting she may have at least 1 extra one of these laying around with all her rockhounding years. As far as it being loud, well, this is the girl with a drum set

    holy smokes I went to the hot topic website, and that store is made for her It turns out there's one at the outlet mall 45 min away, so I'll try to get down there next week. I'm going to let me request for ideas percolate over the weekend and see if she comes up with anything. I also remembered we have a couple local store with lots of crystals, natural healing things, etc. I'm starting to get some ideas...
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    Try a science site/store or even a nature park. They sell rock collections that are actually pretty cool.
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