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    Default ideas for christmas unwrap of a trip people already know about

    We are taking the kids skiing right after christmas. After all the flights, hotel, ski passes etc it is super $$ and since no one really needs anything I am thinking of how to make this trip a gift thing. The kids know we are going so there is no surprise about it. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    One year when a ski trip was ds1ís main gift, I found him a snow globe with a skier in it. Itís a cute little holiday decoration now.
    Otherwise, new gloves or other gear?
    Gift card to a restaurant or activity while youíre on the trip?

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    Do they need anything new? Goggles? long underwear? Gloves? socks?

    sometimes when a gift hasn't arrived in the mail, I print off a photo and wrap it or put it in a big gift bag with a rock. I put lots of ribbons on it too. It's a playful reminder of what is coming.

    Do you have plans for a nice restaurant that maybe they don't know about? Another photo and gift bag opportunity there?

    What about a tee shirt with the ski location name on it?

    Im guessing they will ski off by themselves some days. Can you get them gift cards for lunch at chalets on the mountain?
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    I would do a few trip related things. Maybe a hoodie or beanie from the location you are visiting? Other ideas: smart wool ski socks, snow boots, a coat?

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    I usually do a trip related goodie box - sometimes it has bigger, priciers items if it is a trip that we need something new for or the kids need specific clothes/items for it. But it can also be just a couple fun or consumable items that would be used on the trip or are related to the trip somehow, like a fun tshirt, fun snacks or activities for travel (like new pens/notebook or small gift card for new music/apps). PPs' ideas of a snow globe/ornament or gift card to use while there are great too.

    We are doing a Feb cruise that the kids already know about and I am wrapping a box with seabands, travel sunscreen/lip balms and waterproof phone cases.

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    Weíve given trips many times for Christmas. Usually the kids know we are traveling but donít know where. Our favorite unveilings throughout the years have been scavenger hunts. DH and I print out clues and pictures and hide them around the house, one leading to the next. They work together to solve the riddle or clue. Our kids like sports so sometimes there are workout tasks to get the next clue such as push-ups or run around the house etc. We wrap a few trip items at the end. You could wrap any new ski gear etc to open at the end. Itís always fun to watch them work together and laugh along the way.

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