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    I have sold some of my DC’s clothes on Mercari. I would list outfits and bundles. For example DS had a bunch of Minecraft T’s and sweatshirts so I would list them together. Or if he had a Nike outfit with a matching top and shorts or pants. Individual items don’t sell as well. I always have the buyer pay for shipping. Is it worth the effort? Probably not. It’s a lot of work to take pictures, weigh everything, figure out packaging, etc. I’ve gotten lazy about listing stuff lately and my items aren’t as visible because I don’t keep adding new listings so keep that in mind too. Most of the items probably won’t sell so you have to weigh the effort to see if you think it’s worth it! Good luck.
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    I sell on Mercari and Poshmark but shipping prices have gotten to so bad. I really suggest trying Facebook marketplace or Nextdoor so much easier.

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